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Moto East NC MX5 Miata/Duratec/MZR Intake Manifold Results

  We have published some numbers in the past, but this time we put to test a very popular combination–our stage 1.5 cams and the intake manifold and an easy to get off the shelf header (Goodwin 1.8″). The results?

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2015 WRX Turbo Kit Results!

  After straightening out some ignition issues we got the 15 WRX back on the dyno. This time it put down a solid 444 WHP. Unfortunately we have reached a point of diminishing returns, where a bigger turbo will put

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Our 2016 Open House is ON! May 21st, 2016.

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FA20 Head Flow Data – WRX vs BRZ vs Ported WRX

R&D is not cheap, but looking at data only tells you so much so we regularly push our cars as much as possible. Then we can find out the limits before we send any tunes out. In this instance we

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ND MX-5 Miata Moto East Tuning Results

For those that know us in the Miata world, you’ll recognize that we operate very differently than your typical performance shop. We always look at everything empirically, and ensure we are 100% confident in our product before pushing it out

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Introducing the 2008+ and 2015+ Subaru WRX/STI Factory Replacement Tune

If you have an 08+ WRX/STI (including 2015 and up) then this tune will make it perform as it should have from the factory, but with minimal impact on reliability. For those covering 100k+ miles on their vehicles, raising boost

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2015 WRX Gets an Upgraded Turbo

After having an unfortunate situation with our 2015 WRX at just shy of 5,000 miles on the clock, we figured we’d make the most of the situation. After doing a fully built forged motor, we decided to use the old

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MZR/Duratec Oil Filter Relocation/Oil Cooler Plate

We’ve been at it again with CAD. This time we addressed a weakness of the Duratec/MZR oiling system, where the factory cast oil filter bracket can break off where the nut mounts, and leave a big puddle of oil in

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NC MX5 Turbo Kit – Oil Feed Testing

The two prior turbo kits utilized a sandwich adapter and a banjo feed adapter. The banjo method actually works well, but it takes a good bit of effort to ensure that this connection is leak free and aligned correctly. The

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NC Miata MX5 Turbo Kit Pre-Order!

We are going live with the pre-order! After a year in development we have our own MX5 Turbo Kit. While similar in many respects to the hybrid kit we already carry, this adds several premium features over the standard

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