The Red Rocket!

Well, not much of a rocket. In fact, it is a 1990 1.6 Miata that has been passed around more than….anyway. This car no doubt has a checkered past truly unknown, and surprised us with¬†clear hints like a drag race strip sticker and signs of “put-back-togetherness,” that you only realize after pulling back the carpets. But that’s ok. Aside from having to trailer it from a neighborhood where 24″ dubs and tinted windows on Landrovers are the norm, the owner had duct taped the torn top together–poorly. As a result it released a torrent of rusty water when we loaded it up on the trailer. Not to worry, we have welders…


Day one, still on the trailer and ready to head to the shop.


Top has seen better days. As we pull back the carpet the drama unfolds.




Removing about 150 lbs of exhaust, wet moldy carpet, panels, top etc…


After pulling back most of the carpets, the body is surprisingly very straight and intact. Until….


…we get to the drivers side footwell. This one did not have the drain grommet open, so it collected water as the top leaked over the years. The result is some serious rust and hole in the floorpan. Nothing our welder can’t fix.


Current plan is to restore this car to a track worthy condition, and get it out to some local auto-x events. We’ll be gutting it as much as possible for maximum lightness, and adding in a custom roll bar setup. After that the fun starts!

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JDL BRZ/FR-S Turbo Kit Results!


We spent a few hours working with a customer on a JDL kit. First order of business is to see how our remote tune stacked up. We did the baseline run, then spent about an hour trying some additional variations to see if we could make any more power. Turns out the base tune with the remote revisions was spot on when mated to the wastegate spring.

What you don’t see on the dyno plot is that the boost controller the customer used was not functioning correctly, sending the car to nearly 20 psi. Fortunately our failsafe boost cut saved the motor. Upon arrival we were able to isolate the issue to the boost controller itself, and then did the dyno runs using wastegate pressure only. Despite only running 7 psi past 5000 RPM, we still made a healthy 277 WHP and 235 torque.





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Skunk2 BRZ Intake Tested!

A customer wanted to get every last HP out of a car, and we of course are more than happy to do what it takes. While some of the intakes have a large MAF housing, they require pinching of the primary tube to get past the smaller OEM bulkhead, or reuse the OEM snorkel that necks down to 2.5″. None of those are valid options in our book. However, Skunk2 aka Kraftwerks/Grams/Group A, have released their intake which addresses many of those issues. Bigger snorkel, filter, and most importantly, a HUGE elbow from the filter to the TB. We put it on the dyno. Result? A bunch of HP throughout the powerband. A winner in our books! The BRZ/FR-S Skunk2 Powerbox tune is now available as well to remote customers.




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Kraftwerks BRZ/FR-S C38 Dyno Results!

The guys over at Hux Racing in Alabama installed and dyno’d a kit this week, and here are the results, over 300 on pump gas! This is all achieved on stock fueling and the stock pulley. Not only that, but this result is achieved with perfectly safe AFRs and without altering the knock control in any way.


Kraftwerks C38 BRZ/FR-S Kit, Tuned by Moto-East

Kraftwerks C38 BRZ/FR-S Kit, Tuned by Moto-East

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79 STR Arrives

A gem of an early Miata, this NA is quite unique. Panels that are straight, rockers that aren’t rusted, and the coveted 1.8 motor mated to an NA chassis. Only problem? Way too slow. Owner previously had a BRZ supercharger we put on, and pushed 285 to the wheels. Don’t worry though, we have a solution for slowness! 79 was dropped off last night to get some much needed boost.


79 STR coming in


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Overboost Protection – It Works!

What happens when a misrouted wastegate is employed? Normally fireworks and rods exiting the vehicle. However in our example here, the motor was saved. You can see a few things here. First off the timing goes way negative, and engine acceleration all but comes to a halt. The engine normally takes on a deeper growl and sounds miserable. That’s the cue that something isn’t right and it is time to double check things. Here when you look at the data, you can see that this BRZ tried to spike to 2.2 bar, that’s 18 PSI on the stock motor! Though some employ a fuel cut to aggressively shut the motor down, that can have its own consequences. That brief period ends up making the motor run lean and can cause a large detonation event when paired with high boost. Here we are basically not lighting off the spark until the rod and piston have started moving away. This creates a larger area for the combustion to happen, and greatly reduced cylinder pressures. End result? It gives you a second chance. This is just one of the things that makes our tunes stand out from the competition, and why we love the custom mapping ability we get with EcuTek RaceROM.


Moto East Overboost Protection

Moto East Overboost Protection

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Winter Project Special!

Here in the northeast things come to a halt in the winter. Lots of RWDs and drop tops enter hibernation, rarely to be seen until April or May.

For this winter, we are introducing the winter special. Instead of storing your car in the garage or storage, leave it with us to get some serious modification done! Custom roll bar/cage, custom turbo, supercharger install…all long(er) term project pricing will be 15% off from the months of November – March. But you have to book and schedule at least 6 weeks in advance, the earlier the better!

Moto-East Winter Fabrication Special

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Kraftwerks BRZ/FR-S Dyno Results

Having done several of these cars, we had a chance to get an otherwise 100% stock car with the Kraftwerks base kit on there. With 100% humidity and warm weather (and a broken weather station on the dyno so no corrections!) we managed over 260 WHP! Expect around 270-275 with correction.

Kraftwekrs BRZ/FR-S Dyno Results

Kraftwekrs BRZ/FR-S Dyno Results

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2008 STI Stage I Results!

2008 Subaru WRX STi

100% totally stock original owner car with 80,000 miles, completely transformed with nothing more than a tune! We won’t get into the details of what exactly was done, but the timing is very reasonable, AFRs are safe and rich, and the turbo is not spinning itself into a blow dryer. Simply amazing with 305 ft/lbs of torque!

Did we mention it is equipped with EcuTek RaceROM? No lift shift, launch control, rev matching all enabled at the push of a button. Next up is ethanol testing and our new flex fuel kit.

2008 Stock vs Moto East Tuned Stage 1

2008 Stock (IAM 1) vs Moto East Tuned Stage 1

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Our Remote Tuning Process (E-Tuning)

We get questions daily about our response times, how remote tuning works, and what is needed. This guide is for new customers to get a better understanding of what we do, how we do it, and why the timing can vary drastically throughout the process.

First, let us put the value into perspective when dealing with a typical turbo or supercharger kit:

Hardware, software, basic map that errs on safety from a typical vendor: $1000. This gives you a nice starting point, but you don’t get the level of customization we offer, and it does not take into account any other modifications you make. These are solid tunes, but they have limitations.

Custom dyno tune from a brick and mortar shop: 4-8 hours on the dyno at 150-200/hour. Tuning license: $399. That puts you at usually 1500+ when everything is done. Quality? Varies greatly. If this is one of only a handful of times working on the particular car, you can bet it won’t be up to the quality of a tuning shop that specializes in your vehicle.

Our tune with all hardware, license, base tune, fine tuning, and customized features: $699-999. Not only do you get the custom tune, but you also get to keep the hardware, and we continue to support the customer without having to pay the expensive dyno rates. That means if you add an intake, exhaust, up the boost–we charge only a modest 79 re-tune fee and you’re all set.

To keep up with the dozens of emails and phone calls we get daily requires someone to sit down for hours at a time.¬† This can’t be a receptionist, but needs to be a expert in your vehicle. To do the R&D that is required to make the tunes requires being on the dyno hours at a time. To understand the vehicle inside and out means we need to have our hands in it and install/repair/build them as well. As you can imagine, things get awfully busy very quick. We have two options to deal with this. One is to raise the price and make it an exclusive service for high end vehicles only. This is not how we like to do things. Instead, we have a system set up so that we can as efficient as possible and yet still deliver the best tunes and service. So to make this a reality, this is how it works:

Pre-sale questions and inquiries: Please browse through our website, youtube channels, facebook page, and other media. This helps you become familiar with what we do and what we are about. We LOVE to talk to our customers on the phone, email, or talk in person, but it is not always an option since we have work to do as well.

Initial tune: 1-3 days. Often times it is delivered within 24 hours, but for more complicated and custom tunes, we will wait to write it. This is because once you flash it in, you may need some immediate assistance, an updated revision, or we may have missed a modification along the way that needs prompt attention. So we prefer to send those out when we know we will have some time to devote to you should any of those arise…not the day before a 12 hour dyno session. We will then try to turn the tunes around within a few hours of receiving the datalogs.

Fine tuning: 1-5 days. Once we determine that the tune is safe to drive on, we slow down a bit with when we send out tunes. This is partially because you need to really put the miles on the car for learning to take place and to make sure we don’t overshoot. It also gives time for the hardware to settle in. Please understand that we have the highest standards, and we like to start off with the greatest margin of safety to ensure that your car (and our reputation!) are unharmed throughout this process. If you’re coming to us, then it is pretty much because of this extra effort. It means more revisions, more time, but a much better product in the end.

Followup tuning and splitting hairs. Once the car is really dialed in, you may have the need to send a datalog over for us to review. Maybe you changed air filters and want to make sure the airflow is still reading correctly. Sometimes it may be that we looked back at the datalog and saw that we could do just a bit better. Perhaps chasing a mechanical gremlin. Maybe you have a car we are quite interested in and we offered to work with you on an extended basis. In these cases it may be a week or more to get a response. These we often do not charge for, and if you need more immediate assistance you can do hourly tuning to speed things up, but it allows to fill the free time with supporting existing customers.

Understand that remote tuning has historically been a side-job for many brick and mortar tuners. Using secure platforms like EcuTek and Cobb, it allows the tuner to maximize platform specialization, and to share the exploits learned from the dyno/race track with the customer often thousands of miles away. However, with the popularity of e-tuning, this has turned into a profession for some. But with that come limitations in that to have good remote tunes, you have to have a real presence. For this reason we maintain a fully equipped shop, race, and unfortunately have overhead. For this reason we cannot offer “free lifetime updates” and we try to be as upfront and honest about our turnaround times. We also have an online store and can get just about any part. Buying from us or one of our partners allows us to keep prices down and service at the highest level.

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