NC MX5 Turbo Kit – Oil Feed Testing

The two prior turbo kits utilized a sandwich adapter and a banjo feed adapter. The banjo method actually works well, but it takes a good bit of effort to ensure that this connection is leak free and aligned correctly. The alternative method we have seen is the sandwich adapter. This is not something we would do given the fact that we have had customers actually lose the entire filter assembly due to the additional stress the weight of the adapter adds. Our solution is simple yet reliable. We custom machined fittings in-house that utilize the correct thread size for the factory sender, then integrated a -4 AN feed. This is the preferred method but the fitting size is not a readily available part.

Once we finished making the first prototypes we had to ensure that you couldn’t break it if you tried. So with a specified tightening torque of 15-20 lbs, we pushed it as far as it could go. Results? 106 ft/lbs before failure! Needless to say this final hurdle has been overcome!


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