Introducing the 2008+ and 2015+ Subaru WRX/STI Factory Replacement Tune

If you have an 08+ WRX/STI (including 2015 and up) then this tune will make it perform as it should have from the factory, but with minimal impact on reliability. For those covering 100k+ miles on their vehicles, raising boost to 20 psi and running AFRs for best power is not the way to go. While they do run great that way, reliability will be reduced due to the increased load on the engine. What we set out to do with this tune is to create a “factory replacement” tune, that leaves boost levels modest, but addresses the lean AFRs, delayed closed loop, and lackluster cold weather performance.

  • Open loop timers are zero for instant open loop operation with less transient knock.
  • 11:1 AFRs for maximum cooling and detonation resistance.
  • Optimized per gear boost and ignition timing maps to reduce knock at prolonged wide open throttle applications.
  • Mildly increased boost to 15 psi in road mode, 17.5 psi in race mode (S#), stock boost in I mode (14 psi)
  • While peak boost is only slightly increased, it is held longer and comes on earlier.
  • Wastegate duty maps optimized to reduce boost spikes
  • Increased knock control and ignition learning range
  • Significantly improved cold weather performance. Full boost even in cold weather.
  • Increased torque holding above 6000 RPM.
  • Approximately 30 torque peak gains in the warm weather, 50+ torque gains below 45 degrees F on the STI, 20-40 on the WRX.

Requires EcuTek ProECU kit and EcuTek license. This tune is available in any of our STI/WRX EcuTek packages.


2008 Subaru WRX STi




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