Skunk2 BRZ Intake Tested!

A customer wanted to get every last HP out of a car, and we of course are more than happy to do what it takes. While some of the intakes have a large MAF housing, they require pinching of the primary tube to get past the smaller OEM bulkhead, or reuse the OEM snorkel that necks down to 2.5″. None of those are valid options in our book. However, Skunk2 aka Kraftwerks/Grams/Group A, have released their intake which addresses many of those issues. Bigger snorkel, filter, and most importantly, a HUGE elbow from the filter to the TB. We put it on the dyno. Result? A bunch of HP throughout the powerband. A winner in our books! The BRZ/FR-S Skunk2 Powerbox tune is now available as well to remote customers.




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