JDL BRZ/FR-S Turbo Kit Results!

JDL BRZ/FR-S Turbo Kit Results!

We spent a few hours working with a customer on a JDL kit. First order of business is to see how our remote tune stacked up. We did the baseline run, then spent about an hour trying some additional variations to see if we could make any more power. Turns out the base tune with the remote revisions was spot on when mated to the wastegate spring.

What you don’t see on the dyno plot is that the boost controller the customer used was not functioning correctly, sending the car to nearly 20 psi. Fortunately our failsafe boost cut saved the motor. Upon arrival we were able to isolate the issue to the boost controller itself, and then did the dyno runs using wastegate pressure only. Despite only running 7 psi past 5000 RPM, we still made a healthy 277 WHP and 235 torque.





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