Innovate Intercooled Results

Innovate Intercooled Results - BRZ/FR-S/GT86 Supercharger
Innovate Supercharger Intercooled Results – BRZ/FR-S/GT86 Supercharger


Highly anticipated, this kit is now available with the intercooled option. Initially there was a great deal of trouble sorting the power above 5,000 RPM, but as it turned out, there is an incompatibility with the aftermarket MAP sensors in this particular configuration. Returning back to the stock MAP sensor, we were able to squeeze 250 WHP on 92 octane with a remote tune. With a broad torque curve from 3000 RPM to redline, this setup is incredibly fun to drive, and provides an excellent match to the lightweight platform. Stay tuned as we continue testing, ethanol results should approach 300 WHP.






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2 Comments on “Innovate Intercooled Results

  1. What were the issues you were having with
    1. The MAP sensor
    2. Making power over 5krpm?

    I am in Australia and mine is running the stock MAP sensor but the last dyno run showed that I was not making power beyond 5krpm so trying to work it out.

    I realise I am asking for potential secrets here. So if you prefer feel free to send me an email or tell me to bugger off lol.

    • You need to use the stock sensor on the innovate setup. The sensor location is too close to the head and the fluctuations cause erratic fueling.

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