Why Not All E-Tunes are Created Equal!

While frequently the tunes we send out get nothing more than an approving nod, there are those cases where our experience helps troubleshoot the strangest of problems. Some of these we know as typical pitfalls, others we can see readily on datalogs when there is a significant deviation from the expected. Some we know from testing on our own cars, others we get familiar with simply based off of the bulk of data that we get from our customers. Yet others we may find while tuning the car in person, and may be a result of saying “well, that certainly is not usual.”

Seemingly simple, some of these issues are incredibly difficult to diagnose, and may cost hundreds in diagnostic fees at your local shop/dealer. At this point our score is as follows:

  • Faulty O2 sensors: 4
  • Faulty O2 sensor wiring: 2
  • Incorrect cam/crank timing: 4
  • Boost leaks:  TONS!
  • Incorrect catch can layout: 3
  • BOV misrouted: 1
  • Wastegate misrouted: 2
  • Clogged catalyst: 4
  • Broken valves stuck in the intake manifold tumblers: 1  (you know who you are!)
  • Cracked header: 1

So these issues are mostly easy to correct, but unless you know what look for, it may end up like a daunting troubleshooting experience. This is one of the reason we do what we do–the experience allows us to see the big picture and spot the issues before they become “real” issues.

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