TÜV Emissions Passed!

In a collaboration with I.L. Motorsport GmbH, Moto-East was consulted to assist with development of a TÜV compliant tune for the MP-62 MX-5 Supercharger Kit (2006+). The result? Passed! Official release below.

Happy news just before Christmas for the NC compressor

While attempting to receive TÜV certification for the NC supercharger we were able to achieve the first part of this rigorous test. We passed the emission test unexpectedly with flying colors in the first run. We would like to thank Moto-East, who have helped us with implementing the necessary tuning software. Without these guys we surely would not have passed the emission test the first time in this short period of time. Moto-East since 2009, is well known for their professional tuning of MX-5 models from 2006. Moto-East is supporting, racers, teams and private drivers with conversions like compressors and turbos.
In this field they have specialized in individual tuning as well as the development of tuning software and also consulting. We are very happy and hope to continue our partnership with Moto-East and are now able to tackle the remaining tests for the TÜV certification. In the new year we will start with the following tests: noise test, dyno test and the operational test. When these test go as the first one, we will be able to offer you a TÜV approved compressor kit at a very attractive price.

So please drive safely in this time of year, so that in the new year a compressor kit will fit in your engine bay. Happy holidays and safe drifting into the new year 😉



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