The MX-5 Birthday Present!

Happy 25th Birthday to the Mazda MX 5/Miata. Launched in February 1989 it has sold 920,000 units worldwide as of the end of last year and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the best-selling 2 seater sports car. EcuTek and Moto-East are looking forward to giving this 25 yr old a shot in the arm with the latest EcuTek RaceROM features:
Launch Control
Flat foot shifting and downshift auto-blip
Map Switching
And for those who are new to the platform, click to the left to hear Jay Leno talking to the originators of the car.

Otherwise you’ll be glad to know that the “birthday present” is RaceROM, and check the website in the next few days for the unveiling!


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