Miata MX-5 RaceROM Released

Happy to say that the good folks at EcuTek released RaceROM last week, and we have been busy updating folks since then. Initial feedback is that everything is working as expected, and the old tunes are able to be directly translated over, even with FI!

Some of the current features are:

  • Simplified fueling and timing maps for smoother operation
  • Map switching using cruise control “cancel” button for 4 maps
  • Launch control with cylinder cut
  • Flat foot shift
  • Rev-match/autoblip
  • Valet mode
  • Pit lane speed limiter

We can also support 3 and 4 bar MAP sensors with fuel scaling, and make maps for ethanol/race fuel.

See here for the MX-5 configurator, where you can select options based on the available features specific to your needs: http://www.moto-east.com/store/mx5-configurator.html


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