November Updates!

We have survived the “apocalypse” known as Hurricane Sandy. While skeptical of the weatherman’s ominous predictions, it turns out that not only were they right, but Sandy took a turn south which made things even worse. The Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania ended up facing the north portion of the eye, which carried with it the highest winds and left millions without power. Fortunately the power did return on Thursday–but the resulting transformer explosion caused the internet to go down for yet another day. Now that we are no longer relying on the backup wireless line, all tunes and responses should be caught up with by Monday. If you are still waiting, please give us an e-mail or a call as we likely missed it during the outage, the preparation stage, or in the process of wading through dozens of e-mails that showed up once our link to the outside world came back up. We are not ignoring you! Otherwise we have some very exciting projects and new products in the pipeline. For example, we now have a Check Valve Set┬áthat takes care of the two most pressing boost leaks for the turbo cars. It will keep your fuel tank from being a boost leak, and your brake booster from pressurizing due to the less than stellar stock valve. In addition, we have made some major investments to our machining capability, and expect to see some amazing stuff added to our catalog. Hurricane Sandy did force us to miss SEMA, but in 2013 expect a presence from Moto-East.

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