2.0 vs 2.5 MP62 MX5 Results!

The kit originally pioneered by Cosworth in 2007, now sold under Goodwin Racing and the Flyin’ Miata brands. Moto East has the most experience with this kit (tuning them since shortly after inception) and we are proud to be the official tuner for the Goodwin Racing version.

Recently we had a customer with the FM branded kit come in to get a proper tune. Results? 264whp/238tq. Over 220tq from 2700-6000 RPM! This car does have aftermarket (but very mild) camshafts, so that does help some (about 10hp). However there is no mistaking the 2.5l powerband here. At this boost level the MP62 seems to be keeping up just fine, with relatively mild temperature increases doing 4th gear runs on the dyno.

2.0 MP62 vs 2.5 MP62 Dyno

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