Ship Your Vehicle!


Did you know that we have cars shipped here from all over the country? While shipping rates vary, expect around $300-500 each way for most places east of the Mississippi. A non-running car typically adds 150 to the cost. A vehicle from California may expect to pay as high as $900. We use private carriers who are fully insured, but always make sure to take photographs of the vehicle during pickup and on the truck if you can. Then once it is done, you can come by and drive it home, or have it shipped right back to your front door! All transports need to be handled ahead of time and coordinated accordingly. Please do not send us cars unannounced! While it may initially seem expensive to ship a car to get it straightened out, the reality his that given our specialization, we can often more than recoup the cost of shipping in our more realistic labor rates and our ability to accomplish things completely in house. So while it may add $1000 to the cost, you won’t have to bounce the car around shop to shop, and you can be assured that when you get it back it is 100% ready to go.

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