Services & Prices

Starting labor rates are as follows (some excluding fluids/consumables/rusted components/parts). If you are quoted anything differently, you must bring with you the written/emailed quote, or send a followup email after a phone call. These are ESTIMATES and are only bound to be the minimum charged. Since every car is different with its own unique challenges, a simple header install can be double or more if the head studs are seized etc…. While our prices are higher than your typical neighborhood auto shop, we are committed to ensuring you get your money’s worth. We generally quote in hours, and keep in mind we may work much faster than a shop not familiar with what we do.

All Vehicles:

General Labor: $100/hr

Fabrication (welding/machining/roll cages): $120/hr

Custom Dyno Tuning: $200/hr. Dyno time is billed from setup to removing the vehicle. Base tune cost is not included.

Oil Change: $55-95 (we use only OEM fluids/filters)

Tire Mounting/Balance: $60/$80/$120 (steel regular/up to 17″/over 17″ or difficult stretch)

Fender rolling/pulling: $50/$80 each corner

Wheel alignments, ride height adjustments: $120/hour

Clutch/Flywheel swap: $250-450

Brake pads: $90. Lines & rotors also: $200

Bleed & flush brake fluid: $80

Advanced diagnostics: $120/hr

Track inspection: FREE!


MP62 SC Install: $1100

Rotrex SC Install: $700

Turbo Kit Install: $1200

Shocks/Springs: $300

Header: $250

Exhaust (header back): $80

Intake install: $120

Clutch: $300

2.0 Motor R&R: $1200

2.5 Motor Swap: $1500


Sprintex SC: $500 non-intercooled/750 Intercooled

Vortech SC Install: $950

Rotrex/JR SC: $600

Turbo Kit: $900-1500

Exhaust $120 (overpipe back)

Header: $220 BRZ/350 WRX/ 300 LGT

Header & Exhaust: 250

Intake install: $150

Motor Mounts: $150

Clutch: $300

We service ALL modern imports. While the list above is for the platforms we see most often, we can take care of your BMW, Nissan, Mini, and Porsche with the same great care and reliability. 

Note these are starting prices on just some of the things we do, and are subject to change at any time. Additional aftermarket components, corroded components, or other issues may add to the cost and are billed hourly. Install prices of turbo & SC kits are assumed to be bought from Moto East. Used kits or kits purchased through third parties are subject to additional charges. Sales tax is not included. We also service other imports and modern domestics. If it has metric hardware, we can fix or modify it.

About our facility: Located in Easton, PA, Moto East is your premier performance shop in the Lehigh Valley. Conveniently located in the third largest metro are in Pennsylvania (Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton) and within 75 minutes of Philadelphia, NYC, and most of New Jersey. Offering full service, ECU tuning, and fabrication for modern imports. 

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