Faisal's Cosworth Supercharged NC Miata MX-5

This is a very special vehicle. Equipped with only the finest parts we are excited to have given it the much needed horsepower boost via the Cosworth Supercharger. We are so impressed by the fit and finish that we also carry it in our online store and install/tune it here in house. After spending two weeks undergoing a radical transformation, the car is now completed.

Parts that were installed:

    • Cosworth Supercharger Kit
    • AEM Water/Meth Injection
    • AEM Water/Meth Injection flow gauge
    • Autometer electronic boost gauge
    • Fidanza flywheel
    • ACT HD clutch
    • 550 cc fuel injectors
    • Dual catch can setup
    • Custom Moto-East ECU tuning

Note: Right click "view image" for larger size

The vehicle as it came in

NA form

And as it left (FSTB was later attached once modified)

Cosworth supercharged!

Gauge layout - boost and water/meth injection flow

Gauge layout - boost and autometer water injection flow

No corners were cut.


The Cosworth MP62 less plenum

cosworth supercharger (less plenum)

We upgraded the pulley to a 3.1", enough to run 11 psi by the new redline of 7300 RPM

pulley upgrade

Custom wiring harness for water injection. All harnesses are wrapped and checked for potential interference or damage and then taped. High temperature wire and components are used where necessary. All mission critical components that can leave a car stranded are soldered and wrapped with heat shrink.


While the intake was off a stainless braided clutch line was added.

autoexe clutch line (ss braided)


We then spent several hours tuning the vehicle to make sure OEM like driveability. Unlike others who tune to whithin a hairs edge of disaster, our tuning is designed for serious track work and reliability. That means consistent 11-12 AFRs under boost, and timing that leaves room to spare without a huge power loss. This particular vehicle was custom tuned for its owner to make sure that it blows the porsches and lotuses away not just in the turns, but on the straights as well. With the additional power output and the already mind blowing ohlins suspension, few others will be able to keep up.